Imagine what is possible when hands-on learning meets 21st century immersive technology. The following 360° extended reality experiences allow students to imagine themselves in places like Mars and to see how science, technology, engineering, and math is allowing humans to explore, learn, and create in ways we never have before. Download the companion activities and educator guide for specific ways you can integrate these experiences in your classroom today.

Extended-Reality Video and Companion Activities


Grades 6-8

Discover Mars

25 minutes

(Please allow about 5 minutes for the experience to load. Once the experience has loaded, you may use the full-screen option to view the interactive.)

Immerse your students in the Mars experience where they can venture to the Boeing Mars Experiment Laboratory and investigate how to grow plants in Martian soil. Then, program the deep space rover to collect samples for research. Finally, enter the Earth-Mars museum to see the differences in gravity, magnetism, air pressure, and plate tectonics on each planet.

  • Viewing the video in Chrome and Firefox is recommended 
  • Press Any Key to Continue Driving Through The Experience 
  • Press ESC to exit the module at anytime 
Companion Activities & Educator Guide


Companion Activities & Educator Guide

Grades 6-8
Each Activity takes 45-60 minutes

Welcome to Mars! This 360-experience guides students through three space-based scenarios with a focus on various aspects and considerations with respect to travelling to Mars. The Educator Guide provides instructions on how to maneuver once inside the experience, while the Companion Activities provide wrap-around context for the three sections of the experience: The Lab, The Rover, and The Museum.