Virtual Site Tours

See innovation in action with a series of Virtual Site Tours hosted by Boeing. Students will be transported around the U.S. to visit unique Boeing facilities, where they’ll learn more about the people and products leading the way to the future of air travel. Each video is paired with a companion activity that incorporates project-based learning, student collaboration, and hands-on STEM problem-solving

Virtual Site Tour Educator Guide

Site Tour

Boeing Unmanned Refueling Facility: St. Louis, MO

Get an inside look at the future of aviation at a Boeing facility that manufactures the world’s first unmanned refueling aircraft. See how drone technology is being used to revolutionize aircraft capabilities for the US Navy, and meet the pilots who control this amazing technology remotely from a desk! Students will meet a variety of dedicated Boeing team members as they tour a ground control station and go aboard a state-of-the-art aircraft carrier.

Site Tour

Boeing Training and Professional Services Campus: Miami, FL

Visit a Flight Training Center where the people who work on airplanes are trained in keeping passengers safe. Get a behind-the-scenes look at the state-of-the-art facilities and rigorous training processes that are used to prepare everyone from mechanics to pilots to flight attendants for their role in passenger safety. Students will be introduced to a variety of Boeing team members as they tour the structures lab and go inside a cutting-edge flight simulator.

Site Tour

Boeing’s Vertical Lift Division: Philadelphia, PA

Go behind the scenes of one of the most advanced helicopter manufacturing centers in the world to learn how vertical lift vehicles are created. Visit Boeing’s complex in Ridley Park, Pennsylvania, where over 6,000 employees work daily to build and restore the powerful H-47 Chinook and other aircraft. Students will meet a chief test pilot and discover how extended reality technology is used to solve problems on the manufacturing floor.

Site Tour

Boeing Additive Manufacturing Center: Auburn, WA

Explore the amazing ways Boeing uses additive manufacturing—better known as 3D printing—to design and manufacture thousands of its parts and tools. Take a tour of the Center of Additive Manufacturing Excellence, where parts, tools, and prototypes are created to support state-of-the-art aircraft. Students will hear from a variety of experienced manufacturing professionals and learn how specialized simulation software and lasers are used to help streamline the process.

Site Tour

Spectrolab Solar Panel Factory: Los Angeles, CA

Discover the special piece of technology powering everything from the International Space Station to satellites that enable mobile phones, internet and weather forecasting here on Earth. Visit Boeing’s state-of-the-art Spectrolab where high-efficiency solar cells are created to support life on Earth and human exploration of space. Explore the history of satellites and find out how Spectrolab employees simulate the sun!


Site Tour

787 Dreamliner Factory: North Charleston, SC

Get an inside look at the Boeing facility where the energy-efficient Dreamliner airplanes are built. Watch as many diverse teams come together to create a finished product that lives up to Boeing’s principles of safety, quality, and integrity. Students will explore a sustainably powered, zero waste-to-landfill facility to see sustainable innovation up-close, then bring aircraft design to life with a fun paper airplane activity.