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We are traveling to Seattle to see how Boeing is incorporating sustainable practices and innovations as they pertain to sustainable air travel, natural resource preservation, water quality control, and waste management.

Forces of Flight

Students will learn about the Principle Forces of Flight: lift, weight, thrust, and drag, and how these principles are applied to some of the aircraft made at Boeing – you'll even get to fly them in a flight simulator!

Echo Voyager

Travel to the depths of the ocean 8,200 feet below the surface inside a specially designed autonomous sea vehicle. As the vehicle descends below the ocean's surface, students will meet a variety of marine animals.

Virtual Field Trip
Testing the Limits Virtual Field Trip

Testing the Limits Virtual Field Trip

Explore the vital role testing plays in the creation of Boeing’s products and systems! This Virtual Field Trip will transport students to a variety of Boeing test centers around the United States where they will not only meet and interact with Boeing’s test and evaluation engineers, but also witness the novel ways these experts test the limits of aerospace to ensure quality, reliability, safety, and performance. These engineers will not only explain how the testing happens but will also uncover why it is important.

Join Discovery Education and Boeing Engineers as we explore the five categories of materials testing conducted at Boeing test centers: Structural Testing, Wind Testing, Environmental Testing, Electromagnetic Testing, and Non-Destructive Testing.

Virtual Experiences

Explore aerospace technology with virtual field trips to exclusive locations and interactive videos that transport your students to new terrain. Extend the experience with hands-on, standards-aligned activities.

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