Boeing Unmanned Refueling Facility: St. Louis, MO


See innovation in action with a series of Virtual Site Tours hosted by Boeing. Students will be transported around the U.S. to visit unique Boeing facilities, where they’ll learn more about the people and products leading the way to the future of air travel. Each video is paired with a companion activity that incorporates project-based learning, student collaboration, and hands-on STEM problem-solving.

Boeing Unmanned Refueling Facility: St. Louis, MO

It takes thousands of gallons of fuel to keep a fighter jet in the air, which is why the US Navy uses special refueling aircraft that can provide fighter jets with fuel refills in mid-air! Find out how Boeing is using drone technology to revolutionize Navy refueling missions with the M-Q 25 Stingray, the first-ever unmanned refueling aircraft. Go inside the lab to learn how digital models are crucial in the development of future aviation programs, and meet the Boeing team members who help turn innovative ideas into life-changing technologies.

“You have to be able to communicate what you need as a team member in order to do your job effectively.”