Boeing Additive Manufacturing Center: Auburn, WA


See innovation in action with a series of Virtual Site Tours hosted by Boeing. Students will be transported around the U.S. to visit unique Boeing facilities, where they’ll learn more about the people and products leading the way to the future of air travel. Each video is paired with a companion activity that incorporates project-based learning, student collaboration, and hands-on STEM problem-solving.

Boeing Additive Manufacturing Center: Auburn, WA

About the Video

You may think 3D printing is a recent technology, but Boeing has been innovating the process for over 30 years! Get a behind-the-scenes look at one of Boeing’s additive manufacturing centers, where parts and tools are 3D printed for state-of-the-art aircraft. Discover the difference between additive and subtractive manufacturing, and see how advanced simulations are used to streamline and gain insight into the manufacturing process.

“We’re working on a technology that will both make better parts and enable things that have never been possible before.”