787 Dreamliner Factory: North Charleston, SC


See innovation in action with a series of Virtual Site Tours hosted by Boeing. Students will be transported around the U.S. to visit unique Boeing facilities, where they’ll learn more about the people and products leading the way to the future of air travel. Each video is paired with a companion activity that incorporates project-based learning, student collaboration, and hands-on STEM problem-solving.

787 Dreamliner Factory: North Charleston, SC

Learn about the 787 Dreamliner

Want to know how aerospace innovations get off the ground? Get an inside look at the Boeing South Carolina facility where the energy-efficient 787 Dreamliner is built. Watch as many diverse teams come together to create an airplane that lives up to Boeing’s principles of safety, quality, and integrity. After watching the virtual tour, download the DreamLearners activity, to learn what it’s like to bring aircraft design to life with a fun paper airplane activity.

“Skills in STEM are critical in careers like aerospace engineering and advanced manufacturing”