Meet Itza Rodriguez, a Reliability Engineer who supports Boeing’s innovation of more effective, efficient, and safe aircraft. Hear how she embraces collaboration and the excitement of STEM problem-solving to achieve success. Using math skills as a starting point, Itza went from small-town student to STEM changemaker at an industry-leading company.

Reliability and Maintainability Engineer

Itza Rodriquez, Reliability and Maintainability Engineer

Boeing Familia

In this activity, students will dive into an aqueduct engineering product using a Boeing Reliability Engineer as inspiration. Students will collaborate and share their thoughts on their peers’ original ideas as they imagine STEM innovations to improve water delivery methods.

“Math was my way of speaking.”

Discover Additional Careers

Chinyere Udoh

Chinyere Udoh

Electric Systems Design Engineer

In this activity, students will be inspired by the work of an electrical systems design engineer at Boeing as they investigate electricity. After rotating through stations focused on static electricity, the students will make observations about current electricity during a potato clock demonstration. They will then examine and discuss the importance of electricity in today’s world.

King Lam

King Lam

Manufacturing Engineer

In this activity, students will think up their own manufacturing process after digging into everyday innovation with a Boeing manufacturing engineer. After designing a paper airplane model, students will try several iterations of the process to improve efficiency.

Kasie Dugan

Kasie Dugan

IT and Data Analytics Product Owner

In this activity, students will follow the lead of an IT and data analytics product owner at Boeing as they harness real data to solve a problem in their school. After designing a peer survey, students will consider how the data can be used to develop solutions.