Witness the expansive wonder of the environment with Boeing – the leader in aerospace engineering and manufacturing. Watch how Boeing makes transformative efforts in testing innovative technologies to help create not only a more cleaner aviation fuel, but a more sustainable earth.

2018 ecoDemonstrator

1:43 minutes

Hop onboard Boeing’s ecoDemonstrator plane with 40 Seattle-based college students as they learn how Boeing is improving efficiency, aviation environmental goals and testing new technologies every day.

2019 ecoDemonstator

1:00 minutes

Meet Ruth Morlas, a production test pilot and the 2019 project pilot for the ecoDemonstrator. Learn how she works with engineers to make planes safer for passengers and how a high school counselor inspired her to become a pilot.

Biofuel Social Video

1:02 minutes

Learn more about what makes up biofuel and see how Boeing is leading the charge in biofuel testing to lead to cleaner aviation fuel.

EcoD Frankfurt Expo Master Short

2:36 minutes

Jump on-board a flight with Boeing from Seattle to Frankurt, Germany to meet various Boeing professionals who work in Germany. Gain an understanding of how the ecoDemonstator is used to show new upcoming flight technologies to Boeing partners at a 2019 exhibit.

ecoDemonstrator Vortex Generator

1:33 minutes

The technologies that are created on the ecoDemonstrator are making strides in safety and sustainability, such as the Shape Memory Alloy (SMA). Learn why Boeing worked with NASA to create this small piece of metal that will make a big difference.

Ethiad 787-9

0:46 minutes

Soar into a plant called Salicornia, where students can watch how biofuels are produced, the best environment the plants grow in, and who is currently using this sustainable aviation fuel.